A category for both novice and professional photographers

How to make a professional photo for Instagram?

In Instagram introduced business accounts companies can blogging and communicate with clients within the service. The main content in this social network — photos. How not to make an account in the slag and to learn to take pictures? Author learned the basics of photography, tried to photograph the guide and learn the secrets of […]

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Criticism of your photos

I’m the first ever to acknowledge that previously, many fudge ice-cream cones were given far too by me what others considered my artwork and me. Do we care? To begin with do we care a lot of what we are thought of by others? As people, all of US possess a wish to be cherished. […]

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GAS and how to get rid of it

3 Tips-How to Overcome GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I have the incorrect perception when I somehow purchased a brand new device a camera, or gizmo– I’ll somehow be much more innovative. I frequently believe that out’ by lacking best and the most recent. The problem that is actual? Myself. Disregard the sirens Within the Journey by […]

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Photo is a replication of your nature

I believe that which you strive for within our pictures would be to stimulate a feeling— a feeling. What’s in our thoughts. How exactly we experience. How can pictures be made the feeling of one’s spirit by you? Picture that which you experience I feel the manner in which you may better display spirit and your […]

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All you need to know about photography blogging

Composing this like a useful guide that is educational of how to begin your personal photography website in terms. Observe that none of the is “rules” or “truth” — these are merely recommendations that we desire after we began a photography website we understood. I’ll reveal classes which could assist you to virtually when beginning […]

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