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How Nietzsche and Apollinaire changed the architecture Part 1

Biology, philosophy, poetry, and other passions of architects in the late XIX — early XX century. “Enough… I want to construct natural bodies!” — wrote artist and architect El Lissitzky in 1924. In the late XIX — early XX century in search of inspiration, the architects considered the most unexpected subjects, including the field of new […]

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What tells the facade of a Gothic Cathedral Part 2

Library of Congress The custom of decorating the Church calendar, carved in stone, existed from the first centuries of Christianity. Each sign of the zodiac corresponded to a specific month, and each month one or another type of agricultural work. Almost all calendar cycles began with January and zodiac signs of Aquarius, exactly corresponding to […]

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What tells the facade of a Gothic Cathedral Part 1

The Cathedral is both picture developed by the Inventor of the encyclopedia and also the World, which includes the center Ages’ primary assumptions. Ancient individuals browse the Cathedral’s act is much like a guide: a picture informed him concerning the figures and also the Religious tale, concerning the pet and organic globe. Following Trent’s Authority […]

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What is Bauhaus

Clarify how the school’s designers affected the world that is modern five of the tasks. Lecturers in Weimar on the top of the faculty 1920. Quit correcting: lászló Moholy, John Albers Super much – Oskar Schlemmer, Nagy Bayer Walter Gropius Wassily Kandinsky Lyonel Feininger. On 25 April 1919 within Weimar’s German town was proven style and building […]

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