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The sound of Ancient Greek music

We got an overall total greater than sixty arrangements, although all historic tradition is audio. With of these informing that hearing the old Greeks a few. The term “audio”, in addition to tune, tranquility, Concert, polyphony, several and tempo, firmness additional audio conditions originate from the vocabulary that is Traditional. Old Greece tradition is broken […]

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Why hits is evil

The composer explains why good music is so hard to portray, but a symbol of evil is a catchy hit. “Today, hits is the most direct art the manifestation of evil. And evil, in a General sense. Because evil has a local color. Common to any locality is stereotyped thoughts, feelings. hits — the symbol […]

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Sonata for violoncello

Founder and organizer of the cello festival Vivacello musician Boris Andrianov spoke about the works that will help to love the cello. Ludwig van Beethoven. Sonata for cello and piano For cello, Beethoven was going to write a gig and offered his friend, the composer Bernhard * deep, become the first performer. But Romberg refused, […]

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John Cage about the ideal size of the team

The most influential American composer explains, what size should be the ideal working group. “I have an India friend, who owns a textile factory in Ahmedabad. His name is Gautam Sharabati. Maybe you have heard about printed cotton fabrics. A magnificent exhibition of Indian textiles at the Museum of modern art organized just family Sharabati. […]

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Songs of the Pontic Greeks in Abkhazia

Field notes of Nicholas Shingarova and his brother Constantine, Pontic Greeks living in Abkhazia. Recording ancient songs of the Pontic Greeks part of the job Fred Recordings, the awesome label from Nalchik, which produces traditional music of the peoples of the Caucasus: the Circassian, Chechen, Dargin, Lak. That’s how they tell themselves about the circumstances […]

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A brief history of the orchestra

The head of the state academic Symphony orchestra explains where did Symphony orchestras, how they have changed over time and changed classical music. The background Since ancient times people knew about the impact of musical instruments on the human mood: quiet but melodious play harp, lyre, cithara, kamancha or flute made of reed, awakened the […]

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How the great composers scolded by contemporaries

“Nonsense”, “the loving animal”, “ugly”, “base some text”, “mould”, “guano music”, “music for cats” and other epithets, which critics and contemporaries was accompanied by the premieres of now-classic works of Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and other famous composers. Bartok “Piano Concerto of béla bartók is the most monstrous stream of nonsense, bombast, and nonsense ever […]

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Why the Americans painted face in black

What is blackface, as a mockery revealed to the world Negro culture, and why even black makeup under black? Blackface — dark makeup, imitating the Negro appearance. Its history is connected with the appearance in the USA in the mid-nineteenth century minstrel show, where white actors portrayed the comic scenes from the life of black […]

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