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Why are sportsmen and actors paid so much?

There’s an old expression which “you might be worth exactly what somebody else is ready to cover you”, and which sounds to connect with entertainers, in other words, musicians, celebrities and comedians, whose occupation is to get you to laugh, and make you shout and exude emotion during their songs. They have been worth every […]

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What you need to know about Miyazaki Part 2

The word itself denotes Mononoke the demon, phantom. Unlike kami, which can be the case (although they can be sources of danger), Mononoke always hostile to manpower. In ancient and medieval Japanese literature this word was used to describe an unusual and unhealthy condition, from illness to jealousy: “I was possessed by a Mononoke”. Accordingly, […]

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What you need to know about Miyazaki Part 1

Bizarre scenes are amazing creatures and strange details in cartoons Miyazaki refer to the Japanese culture, religion, and art. Finding sources we can find out what Miyazaki makes the Japanese themselves. Spirits and deities At the beginning of “spirited away”, we see how the family of three goes to a small town or village in […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 6

  Inna Gens, Toshiro Mifune. “Masters of foreign cinema” (1974) The story of the life and career of Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune. In the application published filmography actor started his film career up to 1971. “Akira Kurosawa” (1977) The collection includes a large introductory article of the master’s work, a filmography of the Director (prior […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 5

  The traditional monograph concerning the background of the Business program and also Western theatre of Asia. Brian Richie arrived with the army in Asia after-world struggle two stays the biggest within the West, expert within the area of reports of Western theatre and tradition of Asia Generally and was. He’s the writer of many […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 4

Takeshi Kitano. “Fireworks” (“Hana-bi”), 1997 The film, which the Director came to international acclaim, recounts the last journey through the heritage sites of Japan former police officer Nishi (Takeshi Kitano) and his terminally ill wife, earlier lost their four-year-old daughter, who died of leukemia. The quintessential corporate style of the leader of the contemporary cinema […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 3

Seijun Suzuki. “The tramp from Tokyo” (“Tōkyō nagaremono”), 1966 One of the most famous and loved films of Suzuki in tune with the popular mood in Japan the song “the Tramp from Tokyo”, which was released on the album a year before the film and became its main theme. Exploiting the standard scenario moves Yakuza […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 2

Yuzo Kawashima. “Bakumatsu taiyôden”, 1957 The film is screenplay by Shohei since the beginning, with whom the Director worked since 1954 at the Studio “Nikkatsu”, along with him before leaving “Seiko”, where they together began a film career. Admittedly, historians of cinema is characterized by the spirit of burlesque and black humor, the film combines […]

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Japanese cinema for beginners Part 1

At the request of Arzamas film critic, chose the major Japanese films of all time and advised what to read on the topic. Maxim Pavlov — film critic, 2006-2014 — Deputy Director of the cinema Museum, curator and co-curator of exhibitions and retrospectives of the Museum of cinema and Eisenstein-Fund, including Masaki Kobayashi, photography by […]

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