Should Wealthy Nations Be Required To Share Their Wealth Among Poor Nations

Poverty is characterized by a general lack of adequate institutions, education, technology and infrastructure that result to an insufficient production of a nation. Poorer nations endure the negative effects of poverty such as malnutrition, health crisis, increase in anti-social activities such as crime and prostitution, increased number of student dropouts and increased number of unemployment due to unsatisfactory educational standards.

Wealthy nations should provide assistance to developing nation primarily in the key causes that affect their economic growth. First, for the nation to develop, the levels of education must be significantly improved. For instance, in poorer nations, most citizens are not able to afford school uniforms, stationaries and skilled teachers. According to Williams (1984, p 280-290),”The major cause of poverty is a lack of education.” Deprived of the ability to attain an adequate education, the majority of the population undergo through life illiteracy that results in unemployment. Provision of institutions would not only reduce the rate of unemployment but also equip the learners with adequate knowledge about causes, control and prevention of hazardous diseases.

Also, Poor infrastructure has contributed to the inadequate exploitation of natural resources in poorer countries thereby causing a decline in economic growth rates. With outstanding infrastructure, the poorer nations will be able to attain enough income from the exploitation of natural resources such as minerals that would provide assistance in upcoming poverty. Wealthy nations should thus help the poorer nations in such areas.

Finally, poverty in poorer nations has resulted to upsurges in prostitution rates and criminal activities. According to David (2005, p 26-32)”health facilities that are donated to developing countries are essential to child development. “The majority of citizens of such nations also undergo malnutrition and inadequate vaccination that results in poor health developments such as polio. With health facilities and guidance assistance from wealthy nations, poorer nations will be able to fight health hazards, prostitution and reduce the rate criminal activities.

To conclude, poorer nation lack adequate skilled labour and knowledge that applies to development hence assistance from wealthy nations is necessary.

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