In this section we speak about what is theater and review the popular dramatics

Latin American Theater

When the text of the ancient tragedy of the Quechua Indians “Rabinal Aci” was translated into many European languages in 1859, it became evident that before the Spanish conquest on the continent there was an original ancient Indian theater. Of the works created in the era before the colonization by Europeans of Latin America, we […]

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US acting universities: the best universities for future stars

Institutes of acting in the USA are well known outside the States. In the ranking of universities specializing in teaching performing arts from QS World University Rankings 2016, the first place is occupied by the American educational institution – The Juilliard School. And graduates of US theatrical universities shine on the best stages of the […]

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Modern theater is like Facebook

Transformation of the theater into contemporary art is a topic of great research, because it is connected not only with the theater, strangely enough, but also with the “physiology of looking” and with new media, which this physiology has greatly changed. The current generation of young people who are actively using new technologies, gadgets, social […]

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European and Oriental theatrical art in the metacultural space

Globalization, greatly intensifying intercultural contacts, involuntarily takes us away from the simple quantitative characteristics of this process and makes us realize its new qualitative state, which is inextricably linked with the notion of metaculture. The state of metaculture determines how the ability of cultures (primarily nationals) to develop creatively in relationships with each other, to […]

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Krishna and the Indian shadow theater

Documentary about the vanishing art of Indian shadow theater. Bonus cartoon and a great song. Indian shadow theater is not as well known as the Indonesian wayang-kit, but this is a tradition for many centuries, and in the different Indian States have their own unique varieties. Tolu-bombilate Shadow theater in Andhra Pradesh; Tolu-bombilate literally means […]

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How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

Papers with a critical thinking context assist student from college in cultivating analytical skills when they craft the argument. In comparison with narrations and other papers, those papers with the usage of critical thinking demand students to include their personal thoughts, think over the meaning and valuable features of a certain text, and make an […]

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How to listen to opera

A classic set of Opera titles is small because it includes canonical 20-25 operas. In different parts of the world, it varies minimally, and solely because of local preferences. For example, in Russia, “classic” and “widely known” are few operas that are outside the repertoire appear not so often. If you narrow the list to […]

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