A little about CV

Applying for the job, you should remember that your curriculum vitae is the best way of getting the foot in the employer’s door and receiving an opportunity to be interviewed. However, your CV can either be successful or become a failure and be tossed right into the bin. How to ensure yours goes to the ‘yes’ pile?

Crafting a CV is not really hard when you know how to do it properly. And you will surely do after reading the following tips.

1. Remember the basics

There is surely no right way to write a CV, but there are some parts that each document of such kind should have. It is crucial to include personal and contact info, experiences, education history, and relevant skills. Other sections are rather optional.

2. Make it neat

The content of the CV is surely important. However, it is also vital to make it comfortable for the recruiter to read your curriculum vitae. Use typical fonts and colors. If you want to stand out, focus on your personality, and do not try to make the CV look ridiculous.

3. Rule of two

You can have a lot to say, and be eager to share, but there are boundaries you need to stay within. Therefore, whenever you write a CV, remember that you have only two pages to convey all the info. Try to be concise and deliver only the information that is really important for the employer. Also, remember that recruiters have to go through dozens of applications each day, so do not make them regret they have started reading yours.

4. Know what you are applying for

Look for the clues in the job ad. It basically tells you what kind of skills you should have to apply. Create a list of skills from the ad you do have, and try to adapt some of your abilities to fit the job description. If it happens that you do not have any, try using transferable skills, and emphasize how important they are in the industry.

5. Tailor

You are most likely applying for several positions in different companies, and if you do not want to fail, you should have a CV for each job. Yes, there is not such thing as a perfect CV suitable for any job. If you want the employer to see that you really want to work for the company and have spent quality time tailoring the CV to the requirements of the job, you will definitely be noticed.

6. Be the best

Make sure your skills really show you are the best for the position you apply for. Showcase the most suitable ones by putting them on the top of the list, as some recruiters do not go through the whole skills section. Do not forget to include a few transferable skills relevant for the job.

7. Look interesting

If you have an ‘interests’ section in the curriculum vitae, remember to use it wisely. Do not include boring details that will only take the space. Show how enthusiastic and hardworking you are in the real life. Make the recruiters see you as an active and passionate person, who will fit in the company.

8. Make the most of the experiences

Think of the experiences like of the achievements, rather than like of the list of the previous jobs. Let the recruiters understand not only that you worked in certain places, but also that what you did was important, and you were dealing with serious aspects of the companies’ lives.

9. References

Do not say you have them, as everyone expects that anyway. Saying that they are available upon request is not old-school, but rather rusty.

10. Update regularly

If you are active and constantly engage in certain projects, be sure to share with the crowd. Do not forget to update your CV, adding impressive and important details for your career.


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