How to make a professional photo for Instagram?

In Instagram introduced business accounts companies can blogging and communicate with clients within the service. The main content in this social network — photos. How not to make an account in the slag and to learn to take pictures? Author learned the basics of photography, tried to photograph the guide and learn the secrets of mobile photography.

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Light rules

What you need to start before you take a photo.

Wipe your camera phone. There is nothing that will ruin the frame as the spot on the lens.

Set the maximum quality settings. Usually when uploading a photo is compressed. But the high resolution the edit.

Do not use a zoom. The smartphone has a digital zoom that magnifies the image but degrades the quality. It stretches the image. This is the same as to enlarge the image and cut out the junk. Professional cameras use optical zoom, which enlarges the image using the remote changing the aperture and focal length. So the quality does not deteriorate.

Turn off the effects and use HDR. Built-in effects photo better to do — it has created a special app to process the photo, to color correction and apply filters by adjusting their intensity. HDR technology, the range of brightness that exceeds the capabilities of standard tools. In fact, this technology combines several photos taken with different exposures. In the result, the pictures are more saturated.

The basics of composition

Use the rule of thirds

Rule of thirds — a simplified interpretation of the rules of the Golden section and one of the most simple rules that can be applied to mobile photography. The frame you need to divide diagonally and vertically into three equal parts, with what comes mesh. It is activated in the camera settings. The rule is that objects that are along the lines or at the intersections, visually perceived better. Place the important items in these places. If you want to visually distinguish the sky, then give it two or three horizontally.

If you use this rule, then the photo will become more dynamic and focused. However, it is not always necessary to use. When you want to show symmetry. Also don’t try to constantly keep a clear alignment along the lines of if you think a little neglect will make the picture more harmonious.

Follow the lines…

Horizontal and vertical lines structure the picture. Pay attention which is the start and where are the lines on the frame. The line that goes from the lower edge to opposite corner, looks at pictures effectively. Ensure the lines were straight. The same rule applies to the horizon line 😉

… and light

If we are to believe physics, then we photograph the light or see through him. So don’t forget him. The camera on a smartphone is not so technically advanced professional cameras, so you need to do yourself. Ensure that the light source was behind you or above you, but don’t forget about your shadow — it may be inappropriate if that’s not your idea. Personally, I love the bright Sunny weather and natural lighting: the photos are better and clearer. Do not be lazy to change position, if the light falls at the wrong angle.

Also, put the exposure at the point of light in the frame. I use automatic exposure. So just click on the brightest place on the screen to shoot in HDR mode and beautiful photography with clear skies and lines in your smartphone.

Take a lot of pictures

Don’t be afraid to fill the phone memory — pictures can always be deleted. At times pictures that made a difference a few seconds can vary significantly. This is especially true for cameras with automatic settings. You never know when you will succeed “this is the most”. Change the angle, the position of objects — experiment! Try taking pictures of different applications and choose what you like best.

You’ve learned the basics. The results of the experiment.

After I read online articles, watched various videos, beginning to understand something. And that’s what I did.

Left photo, which was shot on top, on the right — an old habit.

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Photos were shot on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (16 megapixels) using Google Camera and processed in Snapster. Bonus found a course at the lab in image processing in this service. For Photoshop version CS5 the function of the “Frame” which helps to crop the image according to the rule of thirds and other laws.

The secrets of mobile photography the photographer told, which is shot exclusively on the iPhone.

“When you learn photography, start with the study of the construction of the frame and read books on the rules of composition. For me, the main parameters in the photo — the light and the subject. Taking pictures I learned by myself: read articles online, watched videos. And didn’t go to school in photo school. To make a cool photo, you need to walk a lot, explore the city and look for locations for future shoots. In towns and villages a lot of cool locations that no one noticed the photographer. You must find the place first. And are looking for new equipment and expensive lenses are the best camera the one you’re holding”.

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