Advantage and disadvantage of giving international aid to poor countries

All of the nations, particularly poor nations, require great correspondence with alternate nations and in particular, the rich nations when it comes to the provision of assistance. The developed nations should be in a position to help the third world nations more so when these emerging nations require their global backing. Global aid is exceptionally helpful, however; it has few favorable circumstances and drawbacks.

An outstanding benefit of international aid is the amount of advancement that an underdeveloped country can make when it gets help (Groves & Hinton, 2013). The cash can be utilized for bolstering individuals, giving medicinal consideration, great instruction and a ton of other vital things that would not be conceivable on the off chance that they didn’t get the guide. Consequently, an international guide can be put to successful use from numerous points of view to help a penniless country. At some point in the near future, an affluent nation may have a few issues with respect to its society, war, or disaster, and they may require some services from alternate nations.

Global aid has its drawbacks. One of them is some of the poor nations will be ruined on the off chance that they are constantly helped by affluent nations (Packenham, 2015). When they have a few issues, they would prefer not to take care of their issues alone, and they will sit tight for a global guide from an improvement nation. While poorer countries can benefit from outside intervention from wealthier countries’ guide, they can likewise be misused when the promoters have ulterior intentions.

In conclusion, providing international support to developing countries is important and at the same time it has its drawbacks. It will be of great importance towards development and political stability but at the same time it can lead to overdependence and civil wars.

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