10 practical tips for the promising photographer

The ability to make cool pictures depends not so much on innate abilities, but from the time spent on theory and practice. In the beginning, you will feel that everything is unclear and difficult, but then when you see progress, tried not to wonder.

Very well, if you have got senior colleagues to whom you can turn for support and assistance. But if not, don’t worry: we talked with friends by professional photographers and made a selection of practical tips especially for beginners. And our designers, meanwhile, drew a beautiful and cool photo templates for your future site. Now you have everything for a good start, so — in a good way!

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Always check camera settings

You can shoot a hundred frames and think they’re fine, and then suddenly discover that the shutter speed was too slow, mode — wrong, ISO too high. So remember and record: before pressing the shutter button, check the settings and make sure they are correct.

Focus on the eyes

When you remove a portrait, try to keep the eye of man has always been in focus, because it is the most expressive part of his face, the notorious “mirror of the soul”. Will be able to catch a glance of the object and show its character — discover the perfect shot.

Get ready for the filming in advance

Pre-production is the most important part of the shooting process, especially if we are talking about commercial photography. For a good photo shoot, you need to find the right place to find out how to reach him, to see what light and color, what texture, if you need to grab the necessary equipment or decorations. The more you prepare the less unpredictable the outcome will be.

Look at the numbers

Don’t need to be a mathematical genius, but I must admit that without the numbers in the pictures are not enough. All key concepts: shutter speed, aperture, ISO numbers, so you need to understand how they are interrelated, and be ready to think quickly and to count.

Don’t just stand there

Remember: a good photographer should not stand rooted to the spot. Your task is to find the best angle, and this may need to bend, climb higher, get on the ground, run up closer, to move away, etc. The good physical form is everything!

Get familiar with the lighting

No light — no photography. If you want to make high-quality and sharp pictures, you need to understand what light is needed in a given situation: a natural or artificial, diffused or direct. In order to make the right choice, we must know exactly what is behind all these terms.

Shoot with flash on the street

Beginners, this advice may seem strange, but if you shoot on the street, and the light is very bright, the flash will help you avoid deep and harsh shadows. In General, do not hesitate to include it go ahead!

Save often

You don’t want to go down in history as the man who forgot to make backups and eventually lost all your photos? No? So don’t forget to copy the archive with photos after each shoot and do not rely exclusively on external hard drive and cloud storage makes it more reliable.

The background is important

When you think about composition — don’t forget to pay attention to the background, because it is no less important than the subject. Blurred or sharp, smooth or textured — background can be anything if it fits in the frame and does not destroy.

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More practice

To learn from the experience — a wise decision, but noticeable progress will come only when you take in hands the camera and begin to practice. With the time you have and your style, and its technique, but for this, it is necessary not to be lazy and photograph everything — preferably from different angles and at different times of the day.

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