Why hits is evil

The composer explains why good music is so hard to portray, but a symbol of evil is a catchy hit.

“Today, hits is the most direct art the manifestation of evil. And evil, in a General sense. Because evil has a local color. Common to any locality is stereotyped thoughts, feelings. hits — the symbol of this stereotyping. This is like canned food or a pill with an unmistakable action: hit. And this is the greatest evil: paralysis of personality, the assimilation of all. And the hit is both a product and cause of all this. There is an inverse relationship between the origin of the hit and his influence on the generation of new hits to further stereotyping. Of course, some of the mechanical positivity of the hits is: under aerobic twist hits, and it’s probably good (to twist Bach would be bad).

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But basically, smash hit in the development of art is a symbol of evil.

Now on the other. Of course, that evil must attract. It should be a pleasant, seductive, take on the appearance of something easily creeping into the soul, comfortable, pleasant, anyway — fascinating. Smash hit — good mask all devilry, the way to get into the soul. Therefore, I see no other way of expressing evil in music then hits.

Negative emotions — the broken texture, broken melodic lines that Express the status, keyed, jumping thoughts is also, of course, display some kind of evil, but evil is not absolute. This evil is broken for good. Broken soul — she can be good. But she is torn and this was bad. The expression of hysteria, nervousness, anger is the expression of the disease, not the causes. But hits — closer to the cause. It is the evil that is sent as a delusion, as a test. To fight him is very difficult.

Are you talking about hits in my music? And I was surprised to listen because if I count the number of hits in my compositions and their timing, it turns out not so much. But it is “sticking” because it’s bright “infection”.

You can ask the question: “Well, why not Express well?” The fact that non-circumstantial, direct expression of goodness in music is the most difficult, and sometimes impossible. Remember the Faust Symphony of Liszt. What is it most interesting to you? “Paradise” finale — it is lean and dogmatic. But maybe the Sheet is a particular composer, prone to Satanism in music — the man who really introduced Satanism in the music.

If you remember, and in contemporary music positive not connected with the most outstanding pages. For example, if you take the Seventh or Eighth Symphony, relative to the faded pages of positive evil does not outweigh”.

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