Things to Include and Reason for Their Inclusion in a Perfect Shopping Mall

Nowadays, many customers prefer shopping under one roof since they find it time-saving and convenient (Zameer & Mukherjee, 2011). These business transactions take place in an extensive building called shopping malls that consist of many business enterprises dealing with a variety of goods and services (China Highlights, 2015). In this connection, this essay aims at providing the essential things that are included when constructing a perfect shopping mall and the rationale for including these things in the shopping mall.

Firstly, a good shopping mall has a general store. This stores a variety of household items such as kitchen utensils, house cleaning equipment and furniture among others. Secondly, it has clothes for both young and adults regardless of their gender. This is important because a shopping mall targets different types of customers with varied fashions and beauty preferences. Thirdly, a shopping mall has a vegetable and fruits market. This is basic to meet the wants of customers with families or those who prefer preparing their meals at home, and they may not get time to shop for vegetables in a separate market. Next, a good shopping mall needs to have a restaurant offering delicious meals based on customers’ choice. Fifthly, a perfect shopping mall must have a shoe store. This is important as it supplements the unmet customers’ desires interested in fashion and wears. Also, a good shopping mall must have electronic items such as electric iron boxes, TVs and radios among others. This is essential because it caters for the customers with high affinity to luxury. Finally, a perfect shopping has resting rooms for customers who visit malls for recreation purposes (China Highlights, 2015).

In conclusion, a perfect shopping mall presents customers with a variety of goods and services to choose from based on their financial stability and consumption behavior.

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