Sex Education in Schools

In today’s sexualized society, it is only fitting that children should be provided with knowledge that guides their sexual activities and therefore, sex education should be part of schools programs. One of the reasons why children should be taught sex education regards the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Based on the sexual information that surrounds children, the age in which participation in sexual activities starts is earlier than previously assumed (Parks, 2012). As such, it is important that children be taught the truth behind sex because not only are they likely to engage in sex with their peers but some especially girls are likely to engage in sex with older people. It is only through sex education that such children will gain knowledge of what entails sex safe. Teaching sex to children is also important because it helps to initiate open communication about the subject with parents and other responsible adults.

Studies have also shown that sex education does not precipitate sexual activities in children but basically prevents them hence there is no reason children should not be taught about sex (Luker, 2006). Besides, sex education also provides a bigger opportunity for instilling values in children. As children are taught how to protect themselves, they are also taught about the significance of abstinence. Sex education will make the children receptive to the idea than if they are not taught. Overall, children start sexual activities at an early age compared to previous generations and as always, education will contribute substantially to guiding the sex behavior of children (Evans, 2008).

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