Retirement at 65 Years of Age

Retirement should not be compulsory at 65 years of age. This is because the level of experience at this age is very high. The people at the age of 50-65 become very knowledgeable of what is expected in different fields.

Human resource managers are more focused on the years of experience before hiring an individual other than the Education level. There are people who deliver more and quality work and they are in their 70s (Ellen, 2004).

I do not support the compulsory age of retirement to be 65 years since people are still strong at this age. People can still deliver quality work that can be used by organizations and institutions. As long as a person is fit and has no health problems that are likely to prevent him from giving a god job at the company, then I believe the retirement age should not be at 65 years of age.

When the 65 year olds retire, it means that fresh people from the universities will take their place. These young people do not have a good experience like the older 65 year olds. If a company for example had 10 people of 65 years and they release those people then it means that the company will be left with 10 younger people who do not have the same experience as the 65 year olds (Ernie, 2004).

The retirement should not be compulsory. There are people who are 65 years of age and fell that they can still deliver quality. These kinds of people should not be forced to retire. The retirement should by all means be voluntary (Lee, 2004).

There should be a flexible mechanism that determines the retirement age hence allow the retired to enjoy their retirement age without feeling forced.

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