Letters to Sherlock Holmes Part 2

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About ill the lion

Hi, Sherlock! I know that you’re the best. My lion is sick. What do I do? Help!

Your Marcus Widener. Russelsheim, West Germany

Wild vampires

Dear Mr. Holmes, we are faced with a serious problem here in the Illinois valley. We suspect that the valley has bred some wild vampires. They are really wild because they are not afraid of sunlight. One day, one of our eminent scientists, Dr. Rigby, I caught one of the vampires when he went hunting. When the vampire opened one eye, saw Rigby in the eye lens. This was not a normal lens and with the sun, which explains why these vampires hunt during the day rather than only at night, as usual. We announce a reward of 500 dollars to anyone who can deliver us from these vampires. I was hoping You could help.

Sincerely Yours,

Teresa Benson. Cave junction, or, USA

About the strange knocking

Dear Mr. Holmes, will you help me to figure out what happened when I was in Karlsruhe? We stayed in a big hotel. When it came time to leave, I gathered the suitcases, took the Elevator with his friend. My parents and brother had to go to the next. The Elevator got stuck, was heard a strange knocking. The hotel Manager called masters to fix the Elevator, but the inside was empty. Where are they? Can you help me?

Sincerely, New York, USA

The murder and subsequent theft of tombstones

Dear Mr. Holmes, I need Your help in a murder investigation. I call it “the Stolen tombstone.” About five years ago, an elderly woman named Martha Hopkins was killed in a monstrous way. Her body was discovered 87 stab wounds. What is striking especially it happened on her 87th birthday. Recently someone stole her headstone. Don’t know who. We doubt that it was someone she knew, and it was hardly her killer: they say he went mad and died. But who knows?

It happened on August 16 night. Some of the neighbors said that they heard a strange sound — like the blows of something metal on stone. He called the police but when they arrived, the gravestone was gone. They found no evidence, no fingerprints, nothing. Please help to solve this.

Your Kim Gers. Braintree, mA, USA

About the mysterious shadow

The honorable Sherlock Holmes, I recently learned that You live in London. I believe that You will accept my humble apologies and pardon my ignorance. I am very grateful for the opportunity to write to You in England because I need help with a puzzling situation. I tell You, and You, if possible, tell me how to be here and what it is.

In Austin (TX) has a house with a particular reputation — one of the tenants does not stay there longer than a few weeks. I often pass by this house on the way to or from work, and once we’re inside. I didn’t notice anything unusual until yesterday. When I drove by, I noticed a shadow moving in the yard but saw nothing that could cast that shadow. In addition, the location of the shadow can not be combined with the position of the sun. At that time I was inside the house, I experienced a strange feeling — as if I were shivering. I’m sure the fact that the owner can not keep tenants in the house for a long time, something to do with these oddities.

I still can’t understand what was happening and hope that You could give.

Thank You.

Lynette Reid. Austin, TX, USA

On the visit in Maryland

Dear Mr. Holmes, I hope You’re having a good Christmas and not overworked. Have you thought about how to go to America and open our own Agency? In the States a lot of interesting crimes. Your help would be very useful in the investigation of the Watergate case and the case of Patty Hearst. In Maryland, a lot of important things and You are greatly respected here. We even have someone named Mr. Holmes and he named his boat “Sherlock”.

In Maryland a lot of excellent research laboratories in which You could work. Please let me know if You are going to America. If You don’t want to leave England, You could open an American branch of their Agency assistants could send You the details of the crimes, and You would investigate them remotely. America needs a great detective like You. You could even be a TV star.

Your Claire Skarda. Baltimore, MD, USA

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About the kidnapping manual tarantula

Dear Sherlock Holmes, I’ve read your book together with their teacher, and like them a lot.

My hand tarantula kidnapped: they want a helicopter full of bananas as ransom. Please help.

Your Robert Cohen. Vancouver, Canada

About a young woman and love

My dear Sherlock Holmes, I am a young lawyer from California. Now I’m working a case where could use all Your detective skills and Your genius mind. In short, we are talking about a young woman and about love. I can’t say more until You tell whether to give me the time.

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