Encyclopedia of Werner Herzog Part 3


Which isn’t the situation that is only real. Several unforgettable moments, for instance, the tale of the desires of the deaf-impaired heroine of “Property of stop and night” (1971) or even the tale concerning the homicide of the precious team skier in “the Truly Amazing euphoria of Woodcarver Steiner” (1974), the creativity of Herzog. Not or regardless of the literal reality — so long as it mirrored the reality of the movie, the concept. This is herself describes his perspective:

“Just using the aid of staged and misinformation moments to make the journey to this degree of reality, that will be normally unavailable. I got the “reality” — several genuinely believe that within this river were set to sleep city, and beat on the situation’s “reality”, to load it with feeling that was graceful. On composition, we respond a lot more psychological than on the regular tv statement, consequently, “Property of night and stop ” and discovered this reaction in the community. Clearly, nobody has the capacity to express the internal inward and concealed reality, like a poet. However for some cause, enthusiasts of reality, movie Administrators, particularly sales, don’t recognize this and continue steadily to market stagnant products.”

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In two decades, Herzog created his first movie — short-film without phrases “Hercules” (1962). It instruction a bodybuilder that is German and Reinhardt Lichtenberg was mounted from contemporary existence having a number of moments, talking about the tale of Hercules’ labors. The movie, in the phony power of the bodybuilder, satirical — Herzog jokes obviously. Nevertheless, the concept is just an actual bodily force Herzog is essential. No surprise he loves to state that ” the movie —’s development may be athletics over appearance”, and thinking of their own film school’s primacy, desired to assist the Administrators that were youthful to work out:

” the trip could be strolling alone, let’s imagine from Madrid to tens and thousands of five kilometers, Kiev. As well as in the way in which, the candidate would need to move them in my experience, after which to report their thoughts… In certain contact activity, which shows us to not hesitate, like Boxing pupils are involved in the film-school of my desires. Every night from eight to five periods having a coach in Boxing: fighting, somersaults (ahead and backward), balancing, card methods. Is likely to be they not or Administrators, who understands. But is likely to be in exemplary bodily form.”


Desires are a component that is important in various types desires come in the majority of his movies. He doesn’t wait to begin or complete the movie from the explanation of the desire among the figures — as well as in documentaries, these desires often develop Herzog herself (notice Reality and reality). Rest frequently functions like a trigger of the tale: it starts using the moves in Japan of the character, an heir of the Vietnamese captive within the movie “Little Dieter must travel” (1997); it disrupted the rest makes natural bugs Foreign aborigines to begin a battle having a building organization within the movie “wherever inexperienced bugs desire” (1984). Regardless of this concept in films’ importance, Herzog promises he herself has long do not desire.

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Herzog’s innovative method — improvisation: programs were written by him for some times, damages substance that is extra removes without storyboards. At the film “the Man. “‘s end he claims it’s extremely important for his films’ knowledge: ” his existence lives.” And even, items that can’t be managed, frequently burst in to the movies of climate Herzog, issues, stars or simply twelve foxes, which unintentionally went in to the body. The thing that is most important — the incident suits in to the initial intention of the picture, which, within Herzog’s phrases known to him.

Nevertheless, though Herzog is quick and doesn’t like perfectionists (& most of it may barely be named such, provided the amount of movies and also the obvious incompleteness of a number of them), he occasionally needs in the owner is jewelry function, as well as for the benefit of the actor was the best phrase of the encounters within the body, perhaps to jeopardize him or drive him to operate for some hrs.

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