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How to watch Dutch still life Part 1

Dutch still life of the XVI–XVII centuries — a kind of intellectual game in which the viewer was asked to solve certain characters. What easily read contemporaries, today it is clear not all and not always. Explain what is depicted artists and objects. John Calvin taught that everyday things have a hidden significance, and every […]

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History of art in one story: Saint Sebastian Part 2

In Pavia, Sebastian’s artifacts got than spiritual factors. As a guard from the trouble nevertheless endured, but he was regarded, alongside John and Chris, the customer St of Rome. Briefly prior to the start of the crisis the Pope Agathon that was subsequently created a Coalition using the Lombards. The Marriage was increased by the […]

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History of art in one story: Saint Sebastian Part 1

Sebastian was among the saints that are most well-known. Within the early dark ages he was adored like a Martyr, not tricked the religion and self-esteem who perished within the title of Jesus, and also the end-of-the XIV century, following the trouble crisis that hit in the center of the century the entire of Europe, […]

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