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The dreams of great directors

Arzamas learned that dreamed of Bergman, Chaplin, Stanislavsky and other prominent figures of theater and cinema. Edward Gordon Craig “The dreams I dreamed not only enjoyable… Sometimes, when I was six, I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream: I dreamt I am in a car, by some miracle, get […]

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Encyclopedia of Werner Herzog Part 4

“Fitskarraldo” “Fitskarraldo” (1982) — the biggest (and in amplitude and duration), the most complex and probably the most important movie of Herzog. At least, it contains just all plots, themes, and directorial quality. The film tells the story of the European adventurer Brian Fitzgerald — played by Klaus Kinski (see Klaus Kinski), who decides to […]

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Encyclopedia of Werner Herzog Part 3

  Which isn’t the situation that is only real. Several unforgettable moments, for instance, the tale of the desires of the deaf-impaired heroine of “Property of stop and night” (1971) or even the tale concerning the homicide of the precious team skier in “the Truly Amazing euphoria of Woodcarver Steiner” (1974), the creativity of Herzog. […]

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Encyclopedia of Werner Herzog Part 2

Klaus Kinski German actor, perhaps the most visible and important person in the film career of Herzog. Their collaboration began in 1972, with the first big feature film Werner Herzog (see “Aguirre, the wrath of God”). Kinski already was quite a famous actor, he played in the theater of Brecht, performed his own one-man show […]

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Encyclopedia of Werner Herzog Part 1

Rolling out the new film by Herzog, “Oh, the Internet! Dreams of the digital world”. Arzamas explains how the world works of German Director, using the key he concepts, techniques, themes, and movies. German Director Werner Herzog — 74 years. His first feature film was released in 1968. Since then almost every year it produces […]

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