5 gifted photographers you should know

Let’s talk about beauty? Today we want to show you a portfolio of five photographers who have every reason to call himself not just professionals, but true artists.

The picture can be understood and interpreted in different ways, but all great pictures have one thing in common: they surprise and interest to what is depicted in the picture. If you view our proposed work, make sure that they are. But there is another similarity: the websites of each of these five photographers made on the Wix platform. Apparently, they not only know how to use a camera, but also well versed in web design. I must admit, a very useful skill these days.

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Edgar Hempen

Edgar Hempen of Oldenburg on landscapes. When you look at his pictures, it seems that you are in front of the monitor, and somewhere beside him. The site says that the next shooting will take place in Iceland and on Spitsbergen in the Arctic ocean, and we can’t wait to see what he will bring.

Marc Bow

Mark Bowe lives in Cape town (South Africa) and deals with the fact dreamed about since childhood. He photographs mainly cars and car racing, but you can not say that his creative interesting limited only to this. Mark is generally very unusual career, which was many things: a job with Nelson Mandela, and the arrest in Mozambique for illegal shooting.

Mike Palmer

The love of photography came to Mike Palmer at once. At first he worked in film and on television, and then decided to change the camera in the camera. Since then, the Toronto native travels around the world, engaged in commercial photo shoots landscapes and portraits.

Thai Pham Photography

Photographer tai Pam, who lives in Hanoi, is considered the most professional, who is not afraid to entrust the fashion or wedding photography. His work is incredible. He has outstanding vision and makes it so that ordinary scenes are transformed into elegant frames.

Vincent Besnault

Vincent has been in photography for over 25 years, but it is clear that this lesson he does not tired. His work is mainly about people, and he always takes different: funny, serious, playful, in General anything. Vincent is not limited to one direction, working for corporations, fashion magazines, loves portraits, landscapes and much, much more.

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