The Red Devil

Red and Blue become accidental banditos in the mysterious land of tacos and burritos known as "Mexico."

33 Responses to “The Red Devil”

  1. LordTourettesLover#1 LordTourettesLover#1

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO =’D

  2. awsome_FUCKING_man awsome_FUCKING_man

    Hey guys! I am happy to donate money to the dick figures movie! And is it ok if i sort of like work with you guys in a way where i just help you with ideas if your 100% out? Like one idea i have is a scene where lord turetts is taking care of blue & pink’s kid (if they have one) and hes telling the kid a bed time story and he says “This little piggy whent to FUCKERS VILL!!!! This little piggy whent to HELL!!!!!! This little piggy had SEX!!!!! This little piggy had BULL-SHIT LEFT OVERS!!!!!!!! This little piggy cryed SHIT ASS MOTHER FUCKING COCK IN MY MOUTH!!!!!!!! All the way home.” Thanks so much and your the best!!!

  3. JoshFloor

    English: This animation is very good and funny. I like the part with the two sunglasses.
    Spanish: Es animado es muy bueno y comico. Me gusta la parte con las gafas de sol.

  4. Kenny Kenny

    Lock and load:Carne asada
    Red devil,where were you?Come,we got bitches to kill:Red devil,have you seen the burro show?Let’s go to the bathroom!

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