Original Un-Aired Pilot

This is the original development pilot that Ed Skudder pitched to Mondo Media before “Dick Figures” was picked up as a series way back in September 2010. You can still see that it is called “Stick Figures” and all the characters are fully colored in. Those backgrounds look nice too. Wow, we really got sloppy. This is also the first time we see the Turtle Dragon and the ending is some of the inspiration for the episode “Traffic Jams”.


Sorry for the lack of Fan Art Fridays recently, we’ve been busy doing Write The Dick Figures Movie Every Day. It’s going well though… we’re extremely proud of the story and know you guys are gonna love it. SO MUCH ADVENTURING AND LAUGHTER! I’ll shut up and let you see the artwork from DeviantArt now:

by ~isaygorawr

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Yes, body art does count as art. On this week’s fan art selection we’d like to point to some awesome fans who got actual TATTOOS of Red and Blue. You make us so proud. So… proud.


Oh, and this is a great one too (warning: not a tattoo):