You guys asked for it… and now it’s here! Dick Figures has a brand new store with all four seasons available to download in HD, original t-shirts, posters, and all the soundtracks too! Click on the Shop link above to check out all the great new merchandise!

DOGSNACK – Trailer

HI EVERYBODY! If you watch Dick Figures you probably like farts. Me too. So while we’ve been making DF over the last year, Lynn Wang and I created a brand new show called “DOGSNACK”! Check out our first teaser!!!

Dick Figures Comic Contest

DF FANS UNITE! In honor of Dick Figures’ TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY we are holding an art competition! You have two weeks to draw a THREE PANEL COMIC featuring only characters from Dick Figures. On November 18th, Ed and Zack will pick the winning comic and ANIMATE IT AS A MINI-EPISODE OF THE SHOW! WOW!


1) Comic must feature only Dick Figures characters.
2) Comic must be three panels. see example
3) Submissions due no later than November 18th, 10AM (PST)
4) Artist can submit as many comic strips as desired, you are NOT limited to a single submission.
5) Artist can use any materials to create comic (ie, digital, pen and paper, photos, crayons, glitter glue, boogers, etc).

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