Production Diary – Day 13

Shea Logsdon! Since way back in 2010, Shea has been the voice of Pink and continues her role in the movie with numerous hilarious and heart-felt scenes. Pink is the emotional anchor of the show and perhaps the most “real” of all the characters, except that one time when she was a pirate. Enjoy this still from the “Recording” Making-Of that will be released as soon as we finish it! Not only is Shea an incredibly talented voice actress, but if you wanna hear Pink sing definitely check out her band, Lolove!

Production Diary – Day 12

ANIMATING THE RACCOON! When asked what was special about animating the Raccoon, animator John Dusenberry replied, “The Raccoon has the most limited movements of all the characters, no fingers or elbows, no head turns or even eyeblinks, just a flapping mouth and cut-out shapes like an old Terry Gilliam cartoon, yet he’s one of the most beloved characters in the series. Or something.”

DOGSNACK – Butt Snack (Episode 1)

Hey DF Fans! It’s Ed and Lynn and we are hard at work on the movie, but while you’re waiting check out our brand new show Dogsnack out now on Rug Burn!! Woof woof hooray!

Production Diary – Day 11

Spreadsheets ftw… This is Nick, one of our producers, the man making sure Dick Figures The Movie gets finished on time and budget. All those shots marked green means they’re done and approved. Our animators are churning through 45 SECONDS A WEEK EACH. Holy balls. At major 3D studios it’s 3-5 seconds per animator. Our animators are BEASTS.

Production Diary – Day 10

Day 10: KICKSTARTER PRIZES! We are pleased to announce that for everyone who backed our Kickstarter at $50 or above… ALL FOUR SOUNDTRACKS ARE HEADING YOUR WAY! Make sure to check your email/Kickstarter over the next week as we roll them out to about a hundred a day. The Dick Figures The Movie Kickstarter campaign was run by Atlanta (pictured above) and it was in large thanks to her that it came together so successfully (and of course to you guys who funded it!) We promise, she’s hard at work getting you those DF hats. Seriously.

DFTM Making Of – The Man Beneath The Hat

In this first of many behind the scenes featurettes for Dick Figures The Movie we interview Ben Tuller about what it's like to be Lord Tourettes. Stay tuned for more documentaries about Storyboarding, Animation, Recording and Music coming soon!