Dick Figures – Kickstarter Update – Halfway There!

THANK YOU! Ed and Zack want to thank everyone for their incredibly generous donations to the project and all the support you’ve shown. We honestly can’t do it without you! Just as we hit halfway through our campaign we made it to halfway funded! That is a HUGE milestone. For that, we offer you this video… of dancing. Enjoy!

Check out the DICK FIGURES: THE MOVIE kickstarter page for updates and to learn how to donate!

34 Responses to “Dick Figures – Kickstarter Update – Halfway There!”

  1. Gary D'Onofrio

    Why do you guys have a deadline? Why not just wait until you have all the money and just make the movie? You could wait a couple of months and collect $700,000 without getting hounded by anyone. What’s all the rush for? I’m just curious.

  2. Wender Annel Flores

    hi there, have you considered on a making an android game? there lots of programs to make games to diferent platforms. one of the best is Unity 3d, it has a cartoon render and shade really nice. if you would think on what game to make you already have the answer on your episodes, Modern Flame Wars. shoosing red, blue or crazy face on missions killing some grey colored stick figures. think about it, with google play you can sell android games and have some money for other projects of your own. you already have graphic designers, you just need to learn the program, and thats not dificult. I know some fans like me would like to buy and play that game.

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